Duplicate accounts- now Reporting on credit as Delinquent
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I recently Joined Verizon in March. I am very pleased with my current service. 

Several days ago I received an alert on my credit from Verizon Wireless as DELINQUENT. I was terribly confused because my account is on auto pay, and I've never missed a payment. I decided to do some research and call the number listed on the credit report. The number brought me to "Verizon Recovery" they stated my account has been passed on to a third party collection agency. When I called the agency to get some clarity as I am still a Verizon customer, she asked me to verify the address on the account. She told me I had the door number incorrect and she would update it, that's when I realized what had occurred. I was originally coming from tmobile and started the transfer process on the phone with a sales rep who created an account for me. When I got to the store the account was having trouble pulling my number over. While looking at the paper worker that was in my email I noticed my address was wrong, and I was assured it would be updated once everything was finalized. We spent close to 1.5 hrs attempting to port my cell number. As we were unsuccessful we began the process from scratch. Starting a whole new account, this time we were successful. 

The tech at the store never canceled the first line as it was unsuccessful and because the address was wrong I never got corresponds of having another phone line with the temporary number. 

I am distraught as this has lowered my credit score by 100 points. This was not my doing. This was a mistake made by Verizon. I have been trying to dispute this with Verizon Recovery and they have been treating as if I'm begging for a favor. I do not owe Verizon and I'm horribly frustrated with this lack of care or concern for the damage that has been done to my credit because of the tech. I've trying to get a hold of management no one seems to have the time call me or rectify the situation. 


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Re: Duplicate accounts- now Reporting on credit as Delinquent
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Your experience is too important to us for this to go unnoticed, and I don’t blame you for requesting that your concerns are heard by the decision-makers. Our team called In-House Recovery is the pathway that I see you're on, and that is the proper way to go.

This is the team that submits a request to the credit bureau to remove derogatory account information.

The number for this team is 800-852-1922 .