During outage, Verizon made me waste almost 3 hours of my day
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So, the other day I was expecting a couple important calls. When I tried to answer an incoming one after the first ring, my phone promptly hung up on them. I tried to call back, but for a few hours my phone simply would not connect and allow incoming or outgoing calls at any time.

So I contacted support, and they put me through all the long and winding protocols for resetting your phone, the connections, removing and replacing the sim card, resetting everything back to defaults, and I ended up spending almost three hours of my day trying to get my phone working again.

Only to find out that Verizon was experiencing some major outage and it had NOTHING to do with my phone. So I lost hours of my day, and work time, for no reason at all.

So I want to know why Verizon did not notify us, or send a text, or at the very least apologize for making people waste their time? What horrendous customer service.