EXTREMELY poor customer service experience today

My cell phone is getting to where it won't recognize a charger, so I thought 'tis the season and decided to pay off the phone and upgrade to a new one.

I placed the order online for in-store pickup. Since it normally takes Verizon only a couple of hours to fulfill the order, and I hadn't heard back after six hours or so, I decided to swing by the store to see what was up. It turns out, the store is closed temporarily for COVID. Fine, no problem, I thought. I'll just go online and see I can change the order so that I could pick it up at a different store in my area.

This is where the fun starts. "We're sorry. We cannot transfer orders to different stores. You'll have to cancel the order and begin again." REALLY???? Okay, I grumbled about that a little, but well, what can you do? I hit Cancel and went through the process of ordering a new phone (a kind I didn't really want, by the way) based on what was available at the other local store, go through all the paperwork, etc. "Sorry, this line has an open request so your order can't be processed."

So I opened the chat box hoping someone could help, and all I got was a sales agent wanting to place my order FOR me (to earn a commission I suppose), and she couldn't get it to process either! And then she was extremely condescending about the website "being so difficult to order phones with" and that I should always do the chat box, etc. etc. 

forget it, Verizon!!! I placed an order in good faith, and it should have been fulfilled! If the store was closed for COVID, it should have been flagged as unavailable for in-store pickup on your website! I should have *NEVER* had to cancel the order that I placed in good faith, and your sorry butt sales agent should have been able to escalate so that I got the phone that I wanted TODAY. 

Re: EXTREMELY poor customer service experience today
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You could have also called the store before ordering to make sure they were open.  Website probsbly has no clue what local stores are open or closed when you order.

Re: EXTREMELY poor customer service experience today
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Upgrading your device should definitely be an exciting time, and we definitely want to make sure that we provide you with all available options so that you can have the device that you want and need as soon as possible. We contacted you via a Private Note to continue assisting you.