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I am so frustrated! I got Verizon in December 2021 and paid so much to switch when I should not have! I created an account to have an iPhone, watch, and iPad. Somehow in the process the customer support who helped me order messed it all up and created a separate account for the iPad. I’ve been trying 3 months to have it fixed (& yes there is an extra much larger than should be bill )! I’m beyond not happy with company! I have lost count how many times I’ve called and how many people I’ve talked too. No one can fix it! We get to the transfer and can’t finish because the accounts have the same SSN. Well hello I am same person! This is not my fault because I did not cause the problem! Your employee did! I need a number for someone who can. Not the transfer department they are no help. They cannot fix it. 
I am very close to cancelling all ties with Verizon, cutting my losses and going back to Sprint! 

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Oh, no! This is definitely not the type of experience we want for you. We'd love to have an opportunity to help and make this right. We've sent a Private Message to further assist you. ~Christian