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It all started when I pre-ordered my iPad Pro 2021 as I order all new iPads annually. My pre-order went wrong to begin with as I preordered on day one and saw my friends getting theirs before me when they preordered after me. I called to see what was happening and they let me know there was a problem with my preorder but they had some in stock so they sent me a new one. During that process I had a trade in set up with my original pre-order, this trade apparently was cancelled when they sent my new iPad. I was told the box would come with a return label for the trade in… turns out that the label was in case i wanted to return the new iPad. I was supposed to be getting $600 in bill credits… a few months went by and when I noticed I wasn’t getting credits I called in… each mo th the went by I would call back because still no credits. Each rep I talked to told me they had taken care of it and that I should see my credits, I have now called back 5x over the last 5 months. Finally I was told about the return label and how the trade was cancelled, idk why people before told me it was taken care of. Anyways, now I’m on the line with a new rep and even his manager and they are both telling me I cannot get the value for my iPad at the time and are totally robbing me of what should be mine from the mistakes made by verizon in the first place. Is there anyway to get help with this?

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Re: Escalation
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I can understand your feelings, I am sorry for the experience. It certainly is not what we want for you. It sounds like you are being assisted by a different type of support, and we highly recommend staying with one type of support, to avoid errors and confusion. I am confident you will get the answers that you need with the assistance that you are receiving.