Executive relations please.
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Please read the following carefully as it’s outside the norm. 

on June 30th I made a purchase

upon review the order was incorrect, by fault of Verizon systems - as this error was recreated later on

customer service told me the order had been cancelled and to create a new one

on June 30th the order I was told had been cancelled had shipped - and I was told to refuse delivery from FedEx for a return 

on June 1st I refused delivery 

on June 14th the order was received at the Fort Worth Verizon facility and signed for 

the second identical order I placed after this one had the same issue of the system sending the wrong item

i have spent more than 5 hours between customer support chat and phone trying to get the refund of order 1 completed

it has a new line open

i am now being told that I must pay over 350 dollars for this order and that this will be refunded in September

there is no assistance around why it takes less than 24 hours to open a line and mail an order but more than 45 days to refund the order

there is no assistance explaining why it’s ok for customer support to tell me the order has been cancelled and to remake the order - only to be charged twice for the item, despite one currently being in Verizon’s possession 

when I asked for chat transcripts to review everything I’ve been told by customer support I was told to hire a lawyer and sue Verizon for them

please escalate this somewhere as I’m being stone walled by your support around what should be an easily fixed error

i am about to close out my account with Verizon completely, I’ve been doing business with you for almost 20 years and these recent dealings with customer support are concerning, where is the transparency and why do I feel like I’m being stolen from?