Extremely disappointed with customer service.
Enthusiast - Level 2

Bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max a couple days ago. Heard about a buy one 11, get one free deal. Wanted to upgrade my wife's 6S with the free iPhone 11. Chatted/Texted with customer service on the Verizon App. Told me I could bring my new phone to the store, with my ID, and I'd then get the iPhone 11 for free (after paying the taxes).

I go to a store this evening to do the deal. Basically get laughed out of the store, saying there's no way they'd honor the deal. Apparently, the new phone must be a new line- which was conveniently omitted from the customer service agent, EVEN AFTER telling him I'm upgrading her phone. The chat was in writing, and all the conversation was there for them to see. Didn't matter. Said it wouldn't be honored. But, was told there were other deals, nothing free like the one I expected to get.

So, this must be the way of doing business. Offer the customer a deal, IN WRITING, and not allow it after making the driver to the store. Though you all would be beyond such actions.