Extremely frustrated with difficulty in getting help - issues with getting overcharged since Dec 30th.

I contacted Verizon to cancel the device protection on one of my lines. they talked me into downgrading to a less expensive insurance plan. the price was supposed to go down by approximately 10 per month. Instead, they continued to charge me the full cost of the service. So, I contacted Verizon to completely cancel the insurance and to get an account credit to cover the overcharge between December 30th and Feb 3. The agent told me I would get a credit of 19.19. I received an email indicating that that my credit was pending review and that i'd hear more in 48 hours. However, it's been 5 days and i've heard nothing back. So, I opened a service request to get the status. The only update on the service request has been to ask me if I'm checking on the status of a credit for an account overcharge. However, there is no way for the to answer or respond to the question in anyway. I'll type my answer into the box and when I click the submit button, nothing happens.

In the past, I've tried contacting verizon by phone, by chat and now by service request, but it seems like the system is setup to prevent me from being able to get in contact with anyone at all who can help and explain what is going on. I am at my wit's end. 

I'd like to know how I can get in contact with a Manager who is able to understand my issue and give me a status on the credit for the overcharge? 

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Customer Service Rep

We can certainly look into what is going on, as it sounds like it should have already been applied. Please send us a Private Message, so we may be able to assist.