Extremely horrible customer service by Verizon Rep

I had an issue with Disney Plus subscription. For some reason no matter what we did or how many times we called to cancel it , due to a glitch neither I nor the service rep was able to fix the issue. On one of my calls, I spoke to a customer service rep. that was able to see that I had attempted to cancel this subscription. He informed that he would be given me credit for all the months I was charged despite having canceling the subscription.   However, he said he had to transfer me to Tech support to assure that the subscription was canceled. 
I was transferred to Cory ID # 100399671. His approach to handling the situation was completely different than anything I experienced. Immediately he said that there was nothing he nor Verizon can due because this was a Disney issue. I explained to him that I had called Disney and they adamantly said it was not a Disney issue as it’s Verizon that is billing me . Instead of helping me or offering other solutions he started to argue with me relentlessly . He then also said that I was not going to be given the credit for all the months that I was charged even though I had canceled the subscription. At this point I was very upset and confused as I was told the credit had already been authorized. I asked to speak to a manager and he refused to transfer me to a manager. He said that a manger would not be able to do anything the he couldn’t do. He said no one in customer service would be able to issue me the credit. He continued to argue with me over and hour without any resolution and despite my pleas to speak to a supervisor, he continually refused. I then asked for is ID and informed him I will be calling in again. 

Thankfully , I spoke to a rep named Jonathan that was extremely professional from the very beginning. He listened to me as well as review the notes on the account and he also reached out to a supervisor on my behalf. He was able to received approval from the supervisor to credit my account for all the months that I was incorrectly billed. He also verified that the subscription was canceled.

I really would like Cory Tech Support ID # 100399671 to be retrained/coached  as he gave me completely incorrect information and refused to connect me with a supervisor. I was honestly left extremely shaken up after my conversation with Cory.  

I am pleading with Verizon to please do something about this Rep because in the manner that he spoke to me he really has no business being in the front line of Verizon as he created a very hostile exchange.

Re: Extremely horrible customer service by Verizon Rep
Customer Service Rep

This is not the type of experience we want you to have with us and we apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured that this information will be forwarded to our internal team for review. You deserve World-Class service regardless of the platform you choose to do business with us. Remember we are always here for you to assist with any pending concerns.