Extremely poor service
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I have extremely bad service.  I'm just sitting here not moving and my phone goes to no service, even on WiFi calling.  If I go outside I don’t have any service including WiFi.  It has got worse over the past couple years.  Verizon needs to step up and fix these issues for as much as they charge for plans and phones.  My contract is up and I am looking somewhere else to get my phone plan from.  I have called time and time again to have customer service try to blame the service problem on me or my phone.  They need to start listening to their customers and fix the problems they have before trying to push  extenders and new 5G phones.  That is not going to fix the problems with the service.  That only resolves putting more money in their pocket and the customer still has an expensive phone (which is only good for an expensive paper weight) with little to no service.

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Re: Extremely poor service
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We definitely want you to have the best experience with your service. I'm sure we can help. Tell me, what zip code are you in? How is your indoor signal (with WiFi off), compared to the signal if you step outside? Please share some specifics, thanks.