I purchased a new phone in October of last year. I began to have problems with it immediately. I called customer service and they tried troubleshooting it a number of times. Since it was a day or so away from the return policy end period, a return was started.  I was told after numerous failures on Verizon's part to complete the transaction, that I would have to pay the taxes on the new phone on the phone, but would have to go into a store and pick up the new phone, and after I had been told that it would be shipped to me. This created an additional problem, because the store had closed and I would have to wait for the next day to go, and the time would be ending for the return period for me to ship the old one back. I was told that it would be noted about the situation. I realized in January that I had not received my money back for the returned phone, so I called again, and an investigation was started on 1/13. It concluded on 1/21, saying that they applied the funds to my account. Nope! So, I called again, and after another lengthy conversation, I was told that it would be on next billing cycle. Well 2 cycles later, still no refund. I called on 3/5 and was transferred to a supervisor. After being put on hold, and in excess of 10 minutes, I got disconnected. I received a text apologizing for the disconnect, and stating that I would be called back. It is now 5 days later. No call and no refund! I am FED UP and seriously contemplating transferring my 5 lines to another carrier. Every call to CS is hours long and totally unnecessary. Verizon has no loyalty to the customers, but want you to be loyal to them. Great wireless capabilities. Horrible CS!!  

semper fi