Facebook SMS not being received. Got email from FB saying carrier doesnt recognize number as valid.
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I recently upgraded my phone with verizon as I lost my last phone. I was receiving everything as normal.


Now suddenly, I received an email from FB saying my "mobile number has been deactivated for FB text messages due to the following reason: the mobile service provider this number was registered no longer recognizes this number as valid, if you changed your mobile number or switched providers, please visit Facebook to update your number again." 


However, I did not change mobile carriers or my phone number (just upgraded my phone over a month ago). 


I still receive texts/imessages from everyone including other companies for 2 step verification. FB is the only text I am not receiving on my phone. I used my daughters phone number instead to see if maybe FB was having the issue, but her phone immediately received the text verification. Thus, I removed her number from my account and tried my phone number again with no luck. 


To clarify, 

I went under FB settings, text is enabled (its activated).

I  turned phone off and on...multiple times....

I looked under blocked calls/call filtering on Verizon website and nothing is blocked or filtered or website. 

I checked call blocks/SMS spam filtering; again nothing blocked and spam filtering is not on. 

I added Facebook number at 326-65 to my contacts and texted "On", then later tried  "Fb", also days later tried literally "On or Fb" lol 

I deleted my number from FB, added my daughters phone number to my FB and was able to confirm her mobile number (again her number received the FB two-factor authentication text). I then deleted her number, added mine back and still am not receiving FB text to my phone. 


Any help would be appreciated, as this is clearly a Verizon issue....especially based on the above email I quoted that I received from FB. 




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