Failed Installation of FIOS Service, They WANT Me to Return to Spectrum

I would apologize for posting this in the wrong forum, but the Verizon website is so horribly, intolerably broken that it is impossible for me to log into my home account to post to a FIOS board, as every time I try, regardless of which browser or device I use, it logs me back into my mobile page in a maddening loop.

Recently, my wife and I moved into a new apartment. Initially, I was excited that FIOS was an option, as I'd wanted to switch to FIOS for years but it was unavailable in my old building. If I knew what an anxiety-producing nightmare it would end up being, I never would have even made the attempt.

When I signed up for a FIOS 2G plan a week-and-a-half before moving, I was shocked to hear the earliest installation date would be three weeks later. Going nearly a month without Internet would be very challenging, especially considering my wife would need to complete important online coursework during that time.

We decided to mitigate the circumstances by purchasing a Verizon mobile hotspot. Unfortunately, we used up the data quickly, as my wife needed to stream videos for her courses, and we both needed to use the Internet regularly for move-related tasks. I called customer service begging for extra data. They signed me up for the ludicrously overpriced data boost of 5 gigs extra for a whopping $35. I was legitimately shocked that I wasn't offered any sort of comp considering how long we were waiting for Internet as new FIOS customers. Spectrum, for all their faults, absolutely would have-- I know this from experience.

Alas, we decided we would hold out until the July 26 FIOS installation date. On that day, the technician came right on time. He was friendly and communicative. Things were looking up.

The FIOS install was progressing nicely, as the technician wired the connection through our new apartment. He then went down to the garage to send a signal and continue the installation process.

This is where everything fell apart.

The technician returned with a concerned look on his face and made a phone call to his supervisor. When he got off the phone, he said, "I have bad news. You're not getting Internet today."

Stunned, I inquired why not. The tech was genuinely remorseful. He explained that Verizon hadn't sent anyone from engineering to set up the 2G access in the garage. Therefore, it was impossible for him to complete the installation. Verizon hadn't followed protocol to allow him to do his job.

The tech explored options, like downgrading my order to 1G service so that he could get me up and running after we'd been waiting so long, but due to the bureaucratic limitations imposed by Verizon's infrastructure, I would lose all the promotions associated with my order, including money off my monthly bill for being a mobile customer. The tech waited for over an hour as we remained on hold for customer service before he apologized and left to go to his next job (and I didn't blame him at all, as we were getting nowhere).

Finally, I got through to a customer service rep. I explained that we had been waiting nearly a month for 2G FIOS installation, and that due to negligence from engineering in failing to install the proper equipment, we would have to wait even longer. 

The customer service rep ASSURED me that I would receive a call from engineering to come visit the building within 24-48 hours, at which point the installation would resume. I told her that at this point, if the process could not be expedited, we'd have no choice but to pursue other options. She was adamant that I'd get a call (and an email) from engineering so that we could resume the install as quickly as possible. She promised me that this would be prioritized, even though I had serious doubts.

It is now over 50 hours later. No phone call. No email. No Internet. Absolutely no communication from Verizon. And I'm not surprised in the slightest.

At this point it's clear: Verizon DOES NOT CARE if we get the FIOS service we ordered. This is not a priority to them, even though I signed up for the most expensive Internet package. One would think you'd *WANT* my patronage.

Spectrum wants us back. They've reached out to me several times since I canceled my service. I bet they would get a technician out to us ASAP. And since my wife needs to be able to do her coursework from home instead of constantly seeking out free WiFi at the café or library, we're being left with no choice but to seek other options.

I would recommend anyone thinking of choosing Verizon as their ISP to seriously take a look at the thousands upon thousands of complaints. It is clear Verizon hires great workers who are limited by their completely broken infrastructure of bureaucratic deficiencies and incompetence.