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I can't find anywhere else to do this, but I wanted to say that I was recently at a standalone store in a strip mall in Gurnee, IL. I have a knee which needs replaced and also has a bucket handle tear which can be excruciating. At the time I could only get around mostly with a walker.  My son had an issue with his brand new Samsung 8 and wanted me to go in with him. I get to the store and find the one, or possibly two handicapped spots occupied. The choice spot, empty and right in front of the door, was labeled "For environmentally friendly vehicles ONLY."  What a slap in the face. I am disgusted. There are just no words to say how I feel about shunting aside the elderly and disabled in favor of able bodied people who can afford "efficient" automobiles.

Insult to injury, we had just paid not only for the Samsung, but for a $50 screen protector which had allowed a hair to get in between the screen and protector and we couldn't get it out. The store rep said the only thing he could do was charge us for a new protector!


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Re: Feedback
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sorry to hear you visit  experience in  V store .hopefully you feel better soon.

as for complaint or feedback goes you can send a letter to V and address can be found on bill .

yes i know its snail mail but V dont have phone number or email to get feedback or complaints .

TRe: Feedback

Verizon is the dirtest company to have service through they refuse to help you catch up on past due amounts and then still charge you full price even when service has been suspended it is total garbage shame on them for being fraudulent they obviously dont care about their customers will be switching and reporting them to better business bureau 


Verizon has terrible service and support
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Verizon allows for almost no human interaction, no easy way to provide customer service feedback and seems not to care about the customer experience. Their lack of concern for customers is abysmal as are their policies that do nothing to assist when one has a question that doesn't fit their automated lineup. Horrible company with terrible policies.

Re: Verizon has terrible service and support
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