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I signed up for Verizon on 10/20/20 and since then have had nothing but issues and regret. I took advantage of the online trade in promotion that was being offered, which was to trade in my existing device, which was practically a brand new Galaxy, and get up to $850 off the iPhone 11 Pro Max. My phone qualified for the full credit amount of $850. There was also an existing online promotional discount of $14.58/mo for this phone, so I was basically getting the phone for free, which is the entire reason I signed up for Verizon. I traded in my device on 10/20 and it was received by Verizon on 10/27. When I pull up my trade in status, the comments say "Expected device matches received device," yet the discount has not been applied to my account. I have reached out to your customer service team multiple times and they can't seem to figure out what is going on. I have been working with one of your reps for the past two weeks who told me she couldn’t figure out why the promotion still hasn’t been applied and for me to call 611. Back to square one. This is unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable. I want my discount applied to my account and my account be credited immediately. If this cannot be done, I want out of this contract, because this is NOT what I signed up for. I don’t want to have to resort to legal action, but I absolutely will if this matter isn’t resolved quickly. 

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Many others have reported this or similar issue with promotion and or trade ins seems what one rep or person tell you will change from next and if you challenge that you get brushed off with that person was wrong etc i.e it's whatever they want it to be having a screenshot it email of this means nothing also it seems and I'm sure they will use the past so many days to end excuse

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We would definitely hate to see you leave us over a misunderstanding of how your promotion works, and are here to help shed some light on what's going on. When you do a Trade In promotion that has a Bill In Credit. The credit for the traded in device does take 1-2 billing cycles before you see the discount appear on the bill. You can confirm this by checking our FAQ page which can be found by following this link: If the discount does not appear after the second billing cycle, we would need to review the account to confirm that all the requirements of the promotion are met, and submit a request to have the promotion added. 



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When I had similar problems with Verizon's promo that I was told after my purchase that I was not qualified I reached out to the BBB.  I filed a complaint on a Saturday and Monday morning, first thing, a top executive from Verizon called me and resolved the issue in my favor immediately.  As I had dealt with Verizon with their online chat, I was able to print copies of our conversations and what I was told.

Good luck.