Filing a complaint

I am on month three of a ridiculous situation. While it mostly revolves around a GizmoWatch, it has much more to do with customer service and tech support. In March, my autistic son's GizmoWatch, which helps me give him autonomy while still keeping him safe stopped working. I got on the horn to figure out a solution. After a long call that took me away from being able to supervise my children, I was satisfied the situation was solved, that I'd be getting a replacement. That call ended abruptly when my younger child nearly lost a toe. No joke. There were EMTs. Super fun.

So we wait, and in a little while I get the box to return the old one and send it immediately. Three Weeks Later or so we finally get what is supposed to be the functional replacement. All this time we were in lockdown and I was without a major tool for keeping track of my autistic twelve year old. Stressful enough. Then the new one doesn't work. At. All. Doesn't hook up to the network. Isn't functional. My kid is terribly disappointed. So on the horn again. I don't remember how many people I talked to that day, but I didn't yell at any of them despite getting to re-explain the same situation repeatedly, going through being on hold time and again, and eventually getting nowhere. I estimated about five hours of my single mom life lost with kids running around like Lord of the Flies, just to be told, you're right, it doesn't work, we'll send you a new one. But this time in a hurry. And you'll be compensated in some fashion for the inconvenience. Should be there in 24 or 48 hours or something.

In a few days, not one or two, we received the box to return the non-functional one that was the original replacement. Not a replacement. Like I was assured. We sent it right away and now... that last order was sent out in April, we are well into May and I am sorely unimpressed. My mother is the actual account holder and had some business to take care of with Verizon so I asked her to inquire on my behalf. They told her she'd have to call the company that Verizon subcontracts to for the GizmoWatches. Because apparently this is somehow our responsibility to figure out. So I call again. The first person seemed to find the problem, put me on hold to talk to tech and get it replaced... again... and told me I'd be credited a whopping extra 25 bucks on top of not charging me for the months we haven't had it when I asked hey, what about something to soothe the burn from this process like the last guy told me? Oh, and they were nice enough to eliminate a fifteen dollar charge for expediated shipping to fix the problem that someone else who isn't me created and wasn't supposed to be on the account.

Eventually after being on hold for a Really Long Time (that music is awful guys), a totally new person with no information as to what was going on picked up... and I got to start the process... Again. He wanted to know if I still had the shipping label for the returned one. No sir, I didn't realize I had to keep that. Because SERIOUSLY. Guys I'm losing my mind here. That person was 'looking into it and not pawning me off or transferring me' and the call... dropped. And now I'm here, unhappy, hating the situation, losing my mind, and trying to not call Verizon yet again and finally just start screaming. I really don't know what to do, and I don't have time for this.