Filing a complaint
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Anyone know where i can file a complaint that will actually get somewhere? I paid my bill a week before the auto payment came out, apparently there systems didn't recognize the payment and took out the payment for a second time the next week. I've been trying to get that money refunded to my bank, I've been told its all set, it'll take 7 business days, i called on the 6th business day, then i'm told it could take 10 business days, i called on the 8th business day then im told it was never initiated and it would be back in my account in 24 hours, we'll its still not...this was a $500.00 bill! I am beyond irritated, this above is either intentional or a case gross incompetence and I doubt its intentional. There are several other companies that i'm sure would like my business, which i am leaning toward considering there "billing experts"  cant figure out how to do a refund but you can be assured they would take a payment from me in a matter of minutes!

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Re: Filing a complaint
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Why didn't you leave it alone? That's the whole idea of autopay.