Filing complaint
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I have enter a new horrible nightmare with Verizon Wireless.

This a nightmare that has been going on since December 2nd, 2020.

I do apologize for this post to be so long, but many things have occured.

It all began because I wanted add a new line and upgrade another one.  The upgraded phone came with no problems, but the phone for the new line got sent back by Verizon without even my knowledge or understanding.

This of course is going on while I'm spending no less then 2 hrs at a time talking to customer care representatives.  Hours upon hours have been spent talking to these people over a 4 day period. I think, finally after my last 3 hr conversation with them yesterday, that my problem is solved.  Well, with new line it is solved.

Now, they have the wrong phone associated with the upgrade line.  I don't have the strength, or patience left to call them again.  It is just too stressful and frustrating.

I am not a new customer.  I have been a faithful customer for almost 11 years.

I would not recommend this wireless company to any new customers.  I would not wish this nightmare on my worst enemy.

If a verizon customer support person thinks they can help feel free to let me know.  Otherwise, I'm sharing my story and recent experience with verizon wireless.    


Re: Filing complaint
Customer Service Rep

Oh my, we are terribly sorry to hear this has happened to you, Bmk188. I know how frustrating it can be and your time is valuable, so I get not wanting to call in again to get this resolved. Please meet us in a Private Message so that we may look into this for you and help you here. 


Re: Filing complaint
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Use Verizon for the network only. Last Verizon phone I purchased nearly made me leave since it was held up in fraud for daring to use Paypal instead of digging for my debit card. My girlfriend's phone at the time also took Verizon well beyond the 2  - 3 billing cycles to get discount. My new phone and her new phone have both been purchased from the manufacturer directly leaving Verizon out of the transaction entirely. 

My first ever carrier was Verizon back in the mid 2000's. My girlfriend's account I switched to was a former Alltel account. Neither of us has any loyalty to Verizon and will switch immediately if the service itself tanked.