Finance limit unable to upgrade
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So I’ve had Verizon for at least 2 yrs now. Had switched and financed 3 iphones. 2 out of the 3 are now paid off and the one only has like $80 left on it. I learned that I cannot complete monthly payments on a new upgrade and that I would need to pay full price. Also it may take 6-12 months before the credit limit could potentially increase according to someone in customer care. You know how long I waited to upgrade!! AND now I have to wait another year. My iPhones are already 3 generations behind and Verizon doesn’t seem to value me as a customer. I’m beyond frustrated because I was told there’s nothing they can do. Where’s the customer loyalty?? 

Re: Finance limit unable to upgrade
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Total garbage from Verizon who doesn't value their Customers@ I guess time to switch..

Re: Finance limit unable to upgrade
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Your financing limit has nothing to do with "customer loyalty". It's based off a mix of personal credit and payment history. Covid also isn't helping things since outside of Verizon, some credit card issuers have lowered limits on people.

If your credit is decent, try financing outside Verizon.

Re: Finance limit unable to upgrade
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We don't want anyone to feel this way, Predator7! Are you also having trouble upgrading?