Finical hardship due to Covid-19

I have been out of work and in and out the hospital due to contracting Covid-19 since June of this year. I have lost a lot of worktime with the hospitalizations and having to quarantine. 

I called financial services today basically begging them not to cut my service off because I just start a new job and am finally able to start paying. Their response over the phone “I’m very sorry but unless you’re able to make a payment in full of your current bill I cannot extend any longer” @Manager at that! Even after telling them how I can start paying again with my up coming checks, still could help me. I am a military veteran who served this country and went to war multiple time to come back home to a company that can’t even support me when times get hard. ON TOO OF THAT!  I explained the same situation and she had the audacity to tell me I qualified for (added service) for such and such MORE on my bill.  WOW!! so, you’re really sitting there trying to upsell me (for your incentive) while also telling me you can’t help me , your system is down….. WOWWWWWWW!  


Re: Finical hardship due to Covid-19
Customer Service Rep

Hello Joshrlocklear90. We know that life circumstance can cause payments to be later than expected. The good news is that we do give our customers opportunities to set up payment arrangements through My Verizon online or via the My Verizon mobile application. Here's a link with the details:


Any arrangement needed that is not available through the application would need to be approved by our Financial Service Team. This team can be reached at 866-266-1445 Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 12:00AM ET and Sat 8:00AM - 8:00PM ET.