First Responder Discount "The link you followed was made for someone else. "

Hello all,

I've received mixed levels of support none of which has solved this issue. Wondering if anyone else has seen it.

Here are my steps:

1. Verify myself as a First Responder with

2. Check eligibility

3. Receive this now infuriating message:



My reaction: Well okay, must be an issue with my browser or something. Trouble shoot browsers, same issues. Contact support. Support suggests I add my work email. Me, being spoiled by smaller phone companies with excellent customer service, oblige and do as suggested. Employee discount applied!

Support: Are you satisfied?

Me: The Employee discount is less than the first responder discount.

Support: Okay! Well call this number to fix your validation (800-890-8007)

My reaction: Well okay, again being spoiled by smaller phone company I do as suggested.


Support #2: You already have your Employee discount applied, you can't have your first Responder discount.

Me: I know, how do I fix this? I followed the prompts given to me.

Support #2: Why'd you put your work email in. You shouldn't have done that. Delete your ID.ME account and try again.

My reaction: *clearly not learning my lesson, I do as suggested. Delete my ID.ME which takes one full week. Repeat steps 1-3.*




Here I am about 10 days since I started. Already frustrated at Verizon as basically a first-time customer. I try to start with gratitude but things are not transparent. Verizon, the company, gets the SOCIAL CAPITAL of saying "Hey, we love our first responders :)"

I, the consumer & supposed beneficiary of the program, get muddled support, blamed, and then not get what I want.

I'm trying to give you money, Verizon. HELP ME GIVE YOU MONEY. **Just not full $90 plans, because there are better providers for a third of the price.

/callforhelp & rant

Re: First Responder Discount "The link you followed was made for someone else. "
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It is all too obvious that Verizon wants to OFFER discounts but once they have you signed on as a customer have on, nada, zippo, no intention to actually allow one.   That would NOT maximize their corporate profit.  They, like the republicans, have discovered that the American Public are blockheads!  We put up rather than fight.  You watch and see, more posters will tell me off for being brutally truthful than will file anything like supportive comments.  And that, my friends, is just what the big V is counting upon.

Re: First Responder Discount "The link you followed was made for someone else. "
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medic511, that's certainly not the case and we now offer more discounts than we ever have in the past decade.


You can learn more about the all discounts we offer our customers at the link attached here:; If you have any questions or concerns regarding a potential discount please let us know.