Formal complaint
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My surroundings area has been without service for 5 days. We all have been calling to get it fixed but we keep getting the run around. They claim there is no complaints in my area but I've made three myself and the neighbors have been reporting no service all week. They tried to tell me to troubleshoot my phone and I asked how's that going to fix everyone's problem. I have to drive 2 miles to get service to talk to them and they say my phone is working fine. Well no S... I had to go find service to complain. Verizon says they have the best service well maybe if someone would fix the problem when asked and not wait more than 5 days for a reply saying there's no problem or reports in my area. I'm not happy  and they have proven they are not reliable and false advertising for making that claim and still charging people for a service that is not provided. Fix this problem now or I will charge you with false advertising and extortion. Yes I have a badge if you want that number too I'll gladly give it. The next person I talk to better have a solution 

Re: Formal complaint
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Thank you for reaching out to us, my name is Adriana, and I am your customer service expert, ready to help!
It will be my pleasure to assist you today, please feel free to send us a PM if you have any questions or concerns you need assistance with.