Fraud Unresolved
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I’m extremely disappointed in your company. My husband and I have been with your company for years and when someone steals his information and decides to open a fraudulent account under his name with your company we are told there isn’t enough to prove we didn’t do it? Seriously? This is garbage and it only took your fraud people less than an hour to come back with this? What kind of investigation is that? We have 5 lines with you all under the same account there is no reason we would open two additional lines on a totally separate account. We followed all the required steps, including filing a police report. We had someone file a fraudulent unemployment claim first and now this. How is that it takes nothing to set up an account but to prove you didn't do you have to send in so much. What else do you want? What else can we do to prove he didn't set up this account? Guess we can just blast it all over social media. I have already submitted a fraud alert to the crediting agencies, ESD, IRS, and No one else told me that I was lying; which is pretty much what Verizon just did. Not sure I want to continue to receive service from your company and thinking about taking my 5 phone lines to another company. I never complained about the cost since the service was amazing, but this has proved me to be seriously wrong.


Re: Fraud Unresolved
Customer Service Rep

That is never the experience we want anyone to have with us! I am sure there is more information that our team can provide you with to assist you in getting this resolved. I recommend contacting our Fraud Prevention Team directly by dialing

888-483-7200, and pressing on Option 3.