Fraud garbage

I am so fed up with Verizon so-called fraud department I sit here and have a normal account setup for my business and everytime I call in for a question it seems like I'm getting incriminated for something now dealing with this since last October my account keeps getting shut down for fraud I talked to them and they tell me due to "discrepancies" and that's all they say..why and blame it on a system even though they have all my paperwork for my tax forms and everything including any business information they would need...Bottom line is that it's an internal issue with Representatives.. it is sad that they in their own department at Representatives cover ruling a decision in the previous fraud rep that just reconnected the lines... that department needs to put feeling so over powerful just because they're in the quote-unquote fraud department are all regular human beings and on top of that they're pieces of dirt just like the rest of them this needs fixed now before again I contact the FCC create another problem for you guys