Frontline Public Safety Data Priority

Has anyone successfully enrolled in the Frontline Mobile Broadband Priority Program?

I have signed up, emailed, and followed up with representatives for hours at a time attempting to figure out how to enroll in the program.  Not one Verizon representative is even aware of the program, let alone on how to get enrolled. 

While the voice priority is a service offered through the Department of Homeland Security, the data priority should be triggered through Verizon.  Unfortunately,  no at Verizon knows how to do this, nor do they follow up with requests.  I am beginning to believe the Frontline data priority program does not exist. 

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

Re: Frontline Public Safety Data Priority
Customer Service Rep

I understand needing to make sure you have priority with your services. I would love to help to see what options you have. I have sent you a private message to get started. -Amber