Full 5G bars but unuseable intermittent data
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I have 5 phones on my plan plus my work phone. All with Verizon and all started having issues about a month ago. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We have a variety of Android phones on the plan. When I am at home it shows good 5G signal, but data is virtually unusable. It will work for 20-30 seconds and then completely cut out for a minute or two. When I try to run a speed test, it will timeout multiple times, but then when it finally runs I get good speeds (100+ Mbps down and 8+ up). This is really frustrating considering we're paying over $200/month for phones that barely work.

  • The other phones are experiencing the same issue, so it's not the phone
  • Everything has worked great at this location for years, but stopped working about a month ago
  • We're located NW of the intersection of state highway 9 and state highway 531 in the 98223 zip code
  • I have spent over 6 hours of my time between online and in-store support.
  • Have I already said how incredibly frustrating this is!!!
  • If I go far enough away to connect to a different tower, everything works fine (another indicator that the phone is not the problem).
  • Calls and texts seem to work OK
Re: Full 5G bars but unuseable intermittent data

my problem is not as extreme as the initial post, but it's still a problem - I switched to a 5G iphone about a month ago - most of the time the service is fine, except from time-to-time the internet is not functional - a message in the browser says the connection timed out; at the same time, messaging does not work. Over the past week (3rd week of Jan, 2022), loss of internet has happened 2 to 5 times a day, and last for several minutes - then the web page loads and the unsent messages are tagged as "not delivered".

I use the phone in a develope area (Saint Petersburg, FL), where the coverage is good - shows up on the phone as 3 or 4 bars. I never had this problem with LTE service.

Re: Full 5G bars but unuseable intermittent data
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calmbob, as an iPhone user I know how crucial it is for you to be able to use your service without experiencing any issues. We would love the opportunity to help. Has any troubleshooting been done? Are the issues with the loss of data happening indoors or outdoors? -Jacob