Full Bars and No Data
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I show full LTE signal and have no data at all. I have an iPhone SE and an iPhone 11. I work all over the country as a truck driver and this is happening everywhere. Not out in the middle of nowhere. It was happening regularly on both phones a few weeks before the ios15 released and I kept having to turn on airplane mode and turn it off, turn on air plane mode, turn the phone off, then turn airplane mode off. Reset network settings. Taking SIM card things out, etc, etc. you know the drill if you’re reading this. Sometimes these would work, but within 10-30 min I’m back to no data and doing airplane stuff and resetting network settings. I use my phones as a gps and have to talk to customers all the time about location info and delivery times, etc. After I updated to ios15 the problem went away for a week or two, but now it’s back to the same issues. How I’ll cross through 3-4 states in a single day sometimes and I work in all 48 lower. How can this be a regular problem on the most expensive carrier in the US in 2021. Again, this is not in the middle of nowhere. I experience bad service in those places regularly which I expect. I’m talking about major cities and right off exits of main interstates in densely populated areas. And it happens on both of my iPhones at the same time, so the phone can’t be the problem.  Please figure this out quick. I’m about to be a happy T-mobile and ATT customer because I can pay for a line from each and save money over this nonsense. 

Re: Full Bars and No Data
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We want to ensure both of your devices are working as expected and as you need, TBlank7722. We are here for support and happy to help get to the bottom of your connectivity issues together. Please send us a Private Note to get started.  *Cheyenne