Full signal with barely any service

I’ve had Verizon for years, and over the past few years the service has gotten worse and worse..   I travel all over the country and have 3 devices.  iPhone 13 pro max, IPad 11pro and a Samsung galaxy.  All new with plenty of storage and I always close out all apps….  But no matter where I go, the service is always slow and i drop calls at least 3-6 times a day..  only time my devices work properly, is when I’m connected to Wi-Fi.   So tired of paying for premium service and getting shafted..  

Re: Full signal with barely any service
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thanks for contacting the Verizon's Social Media Team. This is definitely not the experience that we want for our customers, please allow us to take a look on your account to check more in depth this situation with your service, so we can be able to solve this for you. Verizon it's always here to help!