Getting no where

I decided to upgrade my phone to the Samsung S22 Ultra and had to upgrade my service to the 5g plans.  All good, ordered phone, got it , sent in the trade in and got my $800 credit applied.  All was pretty smooth.  Went to upgrade my son’s phone.  Got phone order ready online, but the trade value was showing $10 instead of the $400 he should have been getting.  Got on chat, was told his line had to be at least the Play More or Do More to get the trade in value.  Ok, person on chat said he would upgrade his line.  Next morning, I see that the phone has a hold on it, so I try to find out why.  Seems the terms and conditions were not signed (I signed everything the night before).  Message said to call this number and select option 3 for assistance.  That was the fraud department and they said they would release it.  After speaking with 3 more people, and resigning the terms, I thought all was well.  My Verizon and the website both still showed the order on hold, and then I also noticed that the plan still showed 5G Start instead of the upgrade we did the night before.  Connect in messenger to get things fixed and he says the upgrade was never done, I do it myself online and it goes through.  But the order is still on hold for terms and conditions not being signed.  I decide to cancel the order and try to reorder the phone online, not through chat, after the order shows cancelled.  Problem is the order still shows on hold in My Verizon and the website.  Too many calls and the problem is still there.  No one can fix it, despite already haven talked to 10 associates about it now.  I am afraid to order another phone as this one still shows in my account.  What do I do now? I have spent over 6 hours on the phone or on chat trying to resolve this and am still in the same situation.  Has anyone else had these kind of issues?  I want to get my wife a new phone, nut not gonna do that with these issues going on.

Re: Getting no where
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Hello Cghargis, we've sent you a Private Note to better assist you.