Given incorrect promo when switching to Verizon in store. Help!
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We were switching back to Verizon during the Black Friday deals of 2021 where you can trade your towards an iphone 13 or 13 pro and pay 0 a month. After setting up our account in store we were never given an information on how to send our phones in. After to speaking to Verizon on the phone they informed me that we did not have that promo, but the BOGO that was going on at the same time. We then went back into the store and member of management informed us that for some reason there was a glitch and some peoples accounts were auto enrolled into that promo instead of the correct one. He said we were given additional discounts to makeup for the difference between the two and at the time the bill looked correct. A month later and our phone bill went from around 200 a month to over 600. When calling and speaking to Verizon they keep informing me that the promos have not taken affect and can take 1 to 2 billing cycles. This is very confusing as we have had our account since November, and was told all the discounts and promos were already applied to our account and shouldn't expect our bill to go up much more then what is was (around 200) I plan to go back into store to speak with them again as they have added little to no notes on the issues and Verizon customer support is offering very little help on the situation. Has anyone had a similar experience with promos? How can I get the correct promos applied and my bill reduced back down to what it was, and what I was promised?


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Re: Given incorrect promo when switching to Verizon in store. Help!
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We want to ensure that we have all the details and are sending you a Private Message now.-Sean