Great Customer Service

I just a great customer service experience with Toby via the online chat. When I purchased my new phone in the store, there was a mixup with the new plan and the new amount that I would pay. There was an extra charge that I wasnt made aware of by the rep who sold me the phone. When I called in needing clarity and for it to be fixed, Toby was incredibly helpful and responsive and got it resolved immediately. That hasnt always happened in the past and it was truly a delightful experience to work with him.


Thank you to Toby for his incredible customer service. Being in the service industry myself for over 20 years, I have learned to appreciate what great service looks like. I know that often times Verizon reps get a bad rap, but employees like Toby are what make companies like Verizon so successful. 


Thanks again! 

Re: Great Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

We are so glad that you had an excellent experience with Toby! We aim to have the best service around, and that includes Customer Service! If you have any questions we can assist you with, we are here for you!