Great experience

The guy that helped me did a fantastic job.  My highest compliment is: I would buy him a beer for how helpful he was.  Verizon you need to reach out to me directly so I can tell you his name and his employee ID.  He deserves a raise, a day off, and a free year of services.  This is a real customer who is just happy to have spoken with a great representative.  Verizon treat your employees the way you ask them to treat your customers, with respect.  Also I spoke with him around 640 pm on 4/13/2020.  his initials are BZ.  Please reach out he deserves to be recognized.  I was on trying to resolve this issue for over 3 hours and got to him and he had it handled fast.  

Re: Great experience
Customer Service Rep

We'll be happy to forward your feedback to the appropriate channels. Is there anything else that you would like to add? ChristopherS_VZW