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I have been a Verizon wireless customer for over 25 years and I have to say the wireless service has gotten Horrible over the last year and a half to where I am serioulsly shopping around for other carriers. Whether it is making calls, internet or text all horrible. Areas I never dropped calls now I can barely keep a call. It isn’t like I’m located in the mountains. I’m in New York City. Zip codes  12590, 10709, 10271, 10032, 10709, 12601 and 07862. The amount we are charged monthly and I have the highest plan I should not be getting worse service. My phones aren’t older phones I have a Samsung S21 5G iPhone 11plus and IPhone 13

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Hello, Teleconnect1, and thanks for reaching out regarding your service. Please know we greatly appreciate your loyalty over the last 25 years and I'm very sorry your recent service troubles have caused you to shop around for another carrier. We would like the chance to take a closer look at what is causing this issue and help provide a resolution for you. To best assist, I'll be sending a Private Note.


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Hello, I could not agree with you anymore,  I have been with Verizon for over two years now and I feel the service along with customer support is the worst in the industry. I have shopped around and have set my extra phone, on all other service providers during this above period. I do not feel any are better or worse, but what I can say is the price of the service is not as high as VERIZON. I wish you all the best of luck.

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Verizon are unprofessional  and do not have customer service. They don't even have phones that work properly. I've been through 3 of them and spend over 30 plus hours and then they still haven't fixed the problems they obviously know there's an ongoing issue and they won't address it.