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Paying verizon customers have little to no data connection MOST of the time here in Hamilton Montana. Forget trying to stream anything or even be able to watch a video, even though they boast hulu and disney bundles with your 100 dollar a month plan when you cant even stream to begin with. Frickin RIP OFF. When is Verizon going to fix this issue???  It's been years since this has been brought to THEIR attention and nothing but yet they sure charge "A Lot for garbage for the reliable "service" they boast. And on top of having an unstable, super slow data connect if you get any at all, they want to THROTLLE the heck out of ya to make it worse. I'm definitely beyond  peaved . It's not legal to offer/sell/charge for plans and services that they CAN NOT provide!!! I do not give a hoot what there fine print says, if a certain "availability"   is not "available" for the TOWN where people actually live, then they can not charge for that NON AVAILIBILTY  being charged for something your not able to ( on their end ) utilize is theft!!!they and need to offer something else to make up for the their lack.  Like ZERO throttling, more bandwidth, complete unlimited hotspot and half the cost of what they charge to those that aren't actually able to utilize 5G and home internet, streaming and all. 

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