Has anyone else gotten the Run around from Verizon ???

I broke my phone yesterday, the screen went completely black. I called  customer service to inquire about getting a replacement. The customer service rep suggested that I would save money by paying off my devce an order a new phone. I place a new order with the help of a live chat agent. I opted to pick the phone up at a store because I needed a phone ASAP. The agent sent me a link to make the down payment and another link to view terms and conditions. The final link required my signature. The payment was reject because I put in the wrong cc number.  I immediately corrected and the payment went through.  I called the store to see if the order was ready and he had no record of it. I stayed at the store for almost 4 hours waiting for the oder to come through to the store. Needless to say. It never came through. During that time I must have spoke to over 10 reps trying to resolve the issue the store clerk talked to someone too. I was given excuse after excuse as to why the order dignt come through to the store.. They went as far to tell me that I didn't pay the small down payment. They lied and said that the order went through and the the issue was with the pick up store. I stayed there for 4 hours and the issued was never resolved. The store agent asked if the order could be canceled and he would start a new order

 He was unable to do so because the order was not vcancelled. Needless to say Verizon canceled the order and now I have to wait 2 days before I can order a new phone.  I was misinformed. Inconvenienced and lied to by the agents at  version. They offered me no resolution.