Has anyone else used Verizon trade in program and lost their phone?
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My family recently switched to Verizon because their network is best where we live. However their customer support is really bad. I traded in my old phone in it's original box with all original paperwork and in perfect working condition. Trade in value was $200. Verizon assessed my trade and decided I sent in a different device so I get nothing. I see here on the community that this has happened to many customers. I find it hard to believe Verizon is this dishonest. And if it is an employee issue, why has Verizon not fixed it? Chat was no help. Calling a customer support number given here prior resulted in a message that the system is experiencing technical difficulties. This program is faulty. I'm so disappointed. I wanted to be happy with my new service but I definitely am not. I won't give my money to a company that doesn't take care of their customers.

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We want you to be happy with your service and all aspects of your Verizon experience, Tssd117. You mention that it was determined that your phone is different from what our trade-in team was expecting. Our resources show that all trade-ins are associated with a specific device and if a different device is received by our trade-in team the promotion for the trade-in is not applicable. I apologize for any inconvenience this information may cause you. -Antonio