Have no idea how to proceed just know im done

Long time verizon customer not the greatest experience but decent over the years. All that changed until I made mistake of buying from third-party authorized retailer. Worst experience in a long time. They lied about phones instock so I would purchase higher tier phone. Lied about prices on accessories, refused to issue receipt after purchase, refused to except return of brand new 2 day phone. Along with rude and extremely unprofessional.

Reason for return is they lied about internal memory. Stated it was 512GB only for me to discover its only 128GB and almost half full with nothing on the phone. 

Have no idea why verizon allows third party retailers? Every official verizon store has been great experience. Now I'm stuck with a $1200 S21 ultra that I don't want as it was represented as a different phone.

Countless phone calls to verizon with no results. Even though I have 4 devices and a brand new phone I'm seeing no resolution other than going to AT&T seeing what they can transfer over to their service.