Help? I can only get 3G on my iPhone for the last month.
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To try to make this 1+ month saga brief:

  1. I'm on a prepaid Verizon family plan using an iPhone 8 that I brought over from Visible several years ago with no problems until now. All updates installed
  1. I ran out of data in mid-January and was throttled back to zero as far as I could tell.
  1. Plan renewed Jan 20th and I still didn’t have data. I could make calls and send sms texts but not browse, use apps with data, or send iMessages. This applies to all locations I've traveled to.
  1. After two weeks of this I accidently learned that I could get data if I switched phone setting to 3G
  1. After Five chat sessions, 2 Tier 2 support calls, 1 visit to a Verizon Corporate store I did: reset network settings, reset iPhone to factory settings, replace SIM card twice, put my sim card in a dummy Verizon phone and that phone couldn't access LTE data either, installed new APN from unlockit, changed a setting on my account to allow a "CDMS-less" feature.

It's been suggested I switch to another carrier and then port back to verizon (or stay there). I'd lose my "loyalty" discount, but it might be worth it or it still might not work.  Before I do this do any smart minds out there have ideas?

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Re: Help? I can only get 3G on my iPhone for the last month.
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We definitely  want to be able to connect to 4G without having to lose your Loyalty discounts. Please send us a Private Message, so we can help you look into this. -Alfredo