Help me reactivate a line please!

I’m needing to reactivate a line that was canceled (my mistake) last night. The Verizon representative suggested creating a sub account first which she rep did. Then we canceled the line. Today, we realized the line is actually still needed. We called to reactivate it and are told the number is locked between the sub account system and when they try to reactivate the number, they're told the number is already active. Help?!? My husband has had this number for years and I completely misunderstood him when it was canceled...has anyone experienced this or know how Verizon can get it unlocked and reactivated? I'm wondering if because the sub account was just created last night, if it just needs a night or so to process to where they can unlock the number and reactivate it again. Any solutions? The phone is an iphone 12 Pro.

Re: Help me reactivate a line please!
Customer Service Rep

Help has arrived, Momsalot. I understand the importance of needing to try to get that number back that you requested to be disconnected. I'd love to have the chance to review these details. I've sent you a Private Note. Please respond back to that message. KevinR_VZW