I ordered a phone for my mom online paid for it, accepted terms and conditions and it's stuck in pending for terms and conditions, even though I have a receipt and new plan agreement from Verizon, the store won't release the phone because it says pending. I've talked to over a dozen reps and no one can help, they just keep resending the terms and I approve them, they see it go through on their line, but they say it's weird that it still shows pending for terms and conditions.  I've paid for it, give me my phone!! So frustrating . What can I do? My mom hasn't had a phone for weeks and she's elderly and disabled. I need to get this resolved fast. I'm so ready to switch at this point

Re: Help!!
Customer Service Rep

One of our main goals is to keep our customers connected, and we are concerned to learn your Mother does not have a phone at this moment. Let us help. Please answer the Private Note we sent.