Hidden Contracts, Dubious Sales Tactics
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Its been a while now, but when I went to the local Verizon store to upgrade my cell phone, I was assured by the salesperson that there were no longer contracts  (at least not 2 years) to lock me in. That was a huge selling point.  However, while there, the salesperson strongly urged me to take 2 other services- a landline and a device called HUM. I told him I would take the landline, but did not want HUM nor would I use it. He told me that I could cancel at any time on either device and to just try them.  I never used HUM, but later found out that there is a 2-year contract on this device and the landline. I called to cancel and Verizon told me I had to buy the contract out. I was further told by a former Verizon salesperson, that they are encouraged to get you to buy other services b/c they get paid more and the unwitting customer knows no better at the time. SHAME ON VERIZON for promoting these practices! Now with the COVID 19 pandemic, I am trying to eliminate unnecessary expenses. Verizon- have a heart and soul and let me out of these contracts without buying out of them. I only have 5 months left.  I want to cancel.  Please respond. Thank you

Re: Hidden Contracts, Dubious Sales Tactics
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This is definitely not the type of experience we want to provide, jfdulmage19. Communication is key to any great friendship and we certainly want to get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note, so we can take a closer look into this situation.

- ElizabethC_VZW