HomeFusion / LTE Installed
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We've had our cantenna and router/modem for nearly 6 years now and our speeds are terrible.  With no one else home and using the internet at the moment, I'm getting 2.69 mbps download and 7.60 mbps upload, but last night download speeds varied from .95 - 1.31 and upload hovered around 4.  This is before reaching our 22GB "hotspot" cap, so in a few days the speeds will be abysmal. This is making working from home and participating in college coursework very difficult for a family of 3.  Is there any updated equipment that can be installed that could help?  Our neighbor just had AT&T Fixed Wireless installed and is getting 24 mbps speeds and 250GB data without any throttling, so I'm thinking that might be a better option for us now. Is Verizon even still supporting the HomeFusion / LTE installed product?

Re: HomeFusion / LTE Installed
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Hello. I'm sorry to hear about the situation, DDJ712. We do not have alternative equipment to the cantenna. Have you looked into Home Wi-Fi solutions? This may be a better option if available. TaylorH_VZW