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I have been a verizon wireless customer for over 20 years but have become very unhappy with the customer service.  My wife bought a new phone on line and went to pick up at our local store today.  Typically, the salespeople would assist with the setup and have the phone user ready when we leave the store,  With Covid, the number of people were limited in the store, although there were more sales reps than customers, and I had to leave my job to be there during the shortened business hours but couldn't even stand with my wife.  We were given the phone at rushed out of the store.  My wife had difficulty setting it up so she took it back for assistance and was told they are unable to do anything (all customers had masks and the reps had masks and gloves).  Why bother being open?  She now wants to return the phone and we are considering moving to a different provider.  I went to the website and, as similar posts, was unable to chat with a live person nor email customer service.  I don't want to wait on hold forever as I have before either.  I understand Covid as I am a practicing physician but if you are open and taking precautions than provide services.  Preparing a new phone for a customer involves no additional risk with the procedures in place.  My purpose in writing this is the hope that someone from Verizon reads it.

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Stores are there for one thing, to sell phones. The only responsibility they have is to sell you a working phone, anything after that is going above and beyond. 

It's 2020, you're expected to use cloud backups or content transfer apps. Some stores won't even do setup because it's a liability to go through a customer's photos. That's not even factoring the time some restores can take. 

Anyone from Verizon reading will share the same sentiment. You go to the store to purchase, setup is done by you the customer. The only stores that really go the extra effort are franchises and they charge a setup fee of around $30.

Re: Horrible Customer Service
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We're sorry to hear about your experience. We're here to help as much as we can. Does your wife currently need assistance? JoelD_VZW