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To whom it may concern:


I have been a Verizon customer of yours for about 10 years. Your phone service has been exceptional and never had any issues until 2015/2016 when I upgraded. I was told nothing on my plan was going to change other than my phone upgrade. That was a LIE. If you go into my account and read notes from November 2015 until now 2021 you will be aware of the living heck Verizon has put me through. I can give you endless examples of Verizon’s customer service agents and sales people deceptive, incapable of simple logic, and they LIE just to shut you up. But my note history speaks volume.


I often have work assignments near the border (stopped for a while due to covid). Recently I was on a work assignment from July 7 thru July 23 and didn’t have internet service unless I was connected to WI-FI. I kept running around connecting to WI-FI (wondered why I wasn’t getting travel pass text). July 30 thru Aug 3, I had job assignments near border. July 30 customer rep changed my plan to unlimited (in Canada and Mexico as well) in hopes of eliminating international charge issue. I shouldn’t have to pay extra because technically I’m not across the border.


Aug 1, I got a text from Verizon saying “ You have reached your daily 0.5 GB allowance). After that text I wasn’t able to connect to the internet if my life depended on it from that day on. Even if I connected to Wifi and would fail to connect 10 out of 8 times. Changing my plan was USELESS.


August 11, I contacted Verizon and customer rep told me Verizon towers were having issues and would upgrade me for free. I told him to put me back on my original plan since I was within the time period to allow. Rep Credited $20 for the inconvenience and made all adjustments. My monthly charges moving forward would be $80.00 some a month.


Days after August 11, I got a Verizon text bill for $600.00 and some. Again, customer service has failed. I’m tired of having to call back and hear so many apologies from Verizon but they mean nothing without an action behind it.


Today (August 16) I spoke to a verizon Rep and made correct adjustments on my account. She even added a feature that basically blocks any international roaming and might just stay with Verizon if it works but honestly I’m done. This block she added has been around for a while. Wow, lol. I shouldn’t have pay $80 international plan if I only had it from July 30 thru August 11. Verizon she take care of my bill for 3 months or international plan for free for not delivering service and taking my sanity for the past 4-5 years. I’d like to see other adjustments I fairly deserve. I’m tempted to go to local with this becuase I’m sure many many many many many many many more customers are in the same boat as me.


Sending to corporate as well. 

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LAUMIR29, we are definitely sorry to hear you had issues with your bill in regards to international charges. Travel Pass and does limit LTE data usage to 0.5GB per day, after this is exceeded speeds drop to 2G. What compensation were you looking for?  *Joshua

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2015 - 2021 is 6 years, that's plenty of time to change carriers.