Horrible Customer Service
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I've tried multiple avenues to get this issue fixed and I keep getting the run around. I made the mistake of getting a "free" Samsung watch when we got a new device beginning of July.  I get my next bill and it is huge and I see an activation fee and service charges for the "free" watch. It was never disclosed to me that there where any fees or service agreements for the "free" watch, otherwise I would not have agreed to it. I went to the store and tried to return it (within the 30 days window) and the stupid sales woman was rude and patronizing and continued to try and sell me stuff. They said that I had to go through corporate. So I called corporate and they said there is nothing they can do we need to take it to the store. So I go back to the store, the manager there agreed to waive the activation fee but stated I could not return the watch because it was past the 30 days, mind you I tried to return the watch within the 30 days and their employee lied to me and blew me off. I have been trying to call corporate and did the call back, when I answer there is no reply and then they hang up on me. This has to be the worst service I have ever had! I am now stuck with a watch that is terrible/doesn't work, that I wont use and I have to pay a monthly fee for. I am hoping by posting here I will get some sort of response.  Also, the fact there is no email contact and the chat feature is useless. It appears if they deliberately do not want to deal with negative feedback. 

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Hello Ikstaff. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the new watch you obtained. That’s not the experience we want you to have. Rest assured, that as a valued Verizon customer, your concerns are our concerns too!  We'll send you a private message so that we can continue to assist you on this matter.  Please respond t us, when you receive the private note.  Thank you.