Horrible Customer Service

I went into a corporate store to do an exchange on a new device I received I hadn't even open the ups box the rep said they didn't have the phone I was exchanging for "when I seen on the website they did" so I just decided to keep the device I received but I needed help with setup she said it would be a $29.99 charge which I said I was ok with paying and she basically said call customer service we can't help you do that when in fact they could help me with my setup I know this because I worked for Verizon for 5 years, the moment I said I need a case for the phone I received she was glad to get me assistance but she told the rep the was selling me the case to not setup my phone just sell me the case I just left. I pay almost $400 a month for subpar wireless service and horrible customer service it's insane the authorized retailers are 100% better than corporate but I will never step foot in that store again and now I'm stuck with a phone that I don't even like.