Horrible Experience Ordering a Phone from Verizon.com
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Worst experience ever trying to order a used phone through Verizon. I was in the hunt for an iPhone 13 mini since they are discontinued. I just really like the smaller size phone, so I was happy to find it was available in used condition on Verizon.com. Since I am a subscriber, it was an easy process to just upgrade my phone and pay off the phone monthly.

The phone finally arrived but with a cracked rear camera. The glass was literally shattered. No biggie I thought. I’ll just contact support and have them send me a new one. I spoke to an agent and went through the returns process to send the phone back. However, the warehouse has to receive the phone back and refund me, cancel the current agreement and I have to reorder. Already a hassle since that’s a very antiquated system, but I was happy to oblige.

Week passes after the tracking number showed it was delivered to the warehouse and I did not receive any refund nor was my agreement cancelled, so I was stuck. Contacted them again and the agent said the will file a ticket and have the warehouse expedite the return. Week later, nothing. I called this time and the agent told me she would herself cancel the agreement and refund me by end of day so I can reorder asap. Week later, nothing. Once again contacted Verizon and the agent this time said they’ll file a ticket for the refund, but at least it looks like the agreement was cancelled, so she could help me reorder the phone. To my excitement, I said yes, order the phone. I sent her the details of the iPhone 13 mini I wanted, signed the new agreement forms online, paid the fees and she said I was set. Super happy. Woke up today and checked my account and I saw my order was processed, but for the regular iPhone 13! Not the mini. Are you serious? Contacted them asap to get this corrected and even was able to see the chat history to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. I for sure said I wanted the mini. The agent said since the warehouse already prepped the phone for shipping that there was nothing she could do and that I would have to wait for the phone to arrive so that I could once again, go through the returns process then reorder. Already extremely aggravated but keeping my cool and not yelling agent, she begins to put blame on me by saying I should have read the agreement papers carefully so I could have spotted that it was the regular phone and not the mini.

This is when I lost my cool. How dare the agent push blame on me for this. I am completely furious. I’m done with this company after being with them for over almost 20 years.  This company does not have their stuff together nor do they know how to deal with frustrated customers who have to deal with their mistakes. Never have I ever dealt with such a horrible online experience.

Re: Horrible Experience Ordering a Phone from Verizon.com
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We're sorry to hear it has been so troubling getting the new device you wanted. Please refuse delivery of the iPhone 13, they will send it back to us. Once returned we are happy to assist with getting you the right iPhone 13 mini.