Horrible Service, Lies, Scams!
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Am I the only one who thinks verizon has no concept of customer service. I've caught them fraudulantly charging my account. Thier reply was to fix it.... how about the fact that i had to find it, then spend a day on the phone trying to fix it....

Or promissed a deal only to have them say,"what deal". They apparently have a note taking system that goes nowhere. Everytime I ask for help the answer is ,"let me read the notes" followed by,"its not in the notes". Does anyone at VZW service even type a note ever?

I am a 20 year plus customer of Verizon and I'm at my witts end! I have been loyal, never miss a payment and all they do is dump on me. I bet there are many more like me out there....


I'll let you know how T-Mobile does.

Re: Horrible Service, Lies, Scams!
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Don't have that problem either and this is a former Alltel account. Only major issues I had in the past couple years was a promo not applying which was resolved by a call to CS. The second issue was resolved by contacting my credit card company when a payment meant to pay off my phone went to the bill instead. 

That latter problem was on chat support, now that is a team that can't get anything done in multiple contacts.

Re: Horrible Service, Lies, Scams!
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Bmatey, this is not the stellar service we want for a long term loyal customer like you. Allow us the opportunity to turn this around. What promotion were you expecting to see on your account? Were the charges in question resolved? If not, please share details so we may assist.


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Re: Horrible Service, Lies, Scams!
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Follow up .... 12/11/2019


 I still stand by my original message, yet I'm glad to say the issue has been resolved. Sadly it took many many hours on the phone, online chatting and in store. I appreciate the fact that my issues were eventually addressed but that does not make the service acceptable.

Verizon, please find a better way to ensure communication between your customer service departments is truly occurring. The theme "I don't see it in the notes" seems pretty consistent.

as originally stated I've been a member of Verizon since its inception here in San Diego. I've been disappointed several times, and it's seems to take many hours of frustration to get things worked out. Only to reach the goal of customer service long after it should have been received. 

A piece of advice to all Verizon customers. Be sure to ask for a transcript of all dialogue with customer service when chatting online. Record (ask too) all phone conversations with customer service. Don't accept the "I'll put it in the notes" response. 

Thank you Verizon for finally coming through . I will say the hours of work it took should place me on payroll!

Re: Horrible Service, Lies, Scams!
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Here they are accusing ME of lying after I’ve contacted customer service over and over on the same upgrade.