Horrible company
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I will be filing complaints with the FCC and BBB. First off y’all’s customer service reps need to be better trained and they don’t know . I was convinced to sign up for the multi device protection program because I have 9 lines and 3 boys. Well I was not informed of the 3 line limit but just that I had 9 claims. Went to make a claim on my special needs sons tablet that he uses for communication only to find out that I had reached my maximum of claims and I didn’t understand what that meant. Well after spending 3 days all day back and forth with Verizon and assurion a verizon manager convinced me to get another line and pay for another tablet and there was no other option. So I did because I was desperate and this was my special needs sons only way of communicating no one was willing to work with me. So now I am stuck paying for a tablet that doesn’t work and another new tablet. Also during the call the manager added individual insurance on my other lines so that I wouldn’t go thru this again. Then when the tablet gets to me it’s the wrong tablet I call and finally someone is willing to honor the mistake told me there would be no charge and it would be overnighted. 3 days later no tablet. Come to find out I had to pay for the  taxes after I had already good for the taxes on the wrong tablet. Now I go to file a cracked screen claim on my older sons phone only to find out that 3 weeks ago the individual insurance wasn’t added. Now every manager I talk to won’t honor the conversation 3 weeks ago when the insurance was supposed to be add and they are basically telling me there is nothing that can be done and I am pretty much out of luck. So I am pretty upset I’m out money and y’all are horrible company. 

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The last thing we want is for you to feel this way. We understand your concern and would like to have an opportunity to help. We've sent you a Private Message to further assist you. ~Christian