Horrible customer service- bait and switch, buyer beware
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When I switched two months ago I waited forever to talk somebody, and they told me I would get a rebate. When the rebate arrived I wasn’t able to redeem it. I went on the chat  and the new rep said that I wasn’t eligible for the rebate the first person person told me I could get. So I ported my number and initiated new service and got no perks.  Total bait and switch. After almost 2 hours of chatting back-and-forth, the new rep offered me a buy one get one. We get to the end of the process for the buy one get one, and he tells me he can’t give it to me. I wasted an incredible amount of my time and got absolutely nothing.  I’ve chatted/spoken to two people and gotten absolutely nowhere. After speaking/chatting with two reps I  tried calling on the telephone today and waited almost  two hours and nobody picked up the telephone to help me. I was on hold for one hour and 50 minutes and nobody could talk to me to help me. I’m beyond frustrated and seriously regretting switching to Verizon. 

Re: Horrible customer service- bait and switch, buyer beware
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Many others have this problem also not sure if any got resolved but seems to be a problem with trade in also

Re: Horrible customer service- bait and switch, buyer beware
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Verizon is better suited for those that can do things on their own via self serve. Promotion details are also listed on the site that I'm surprised people still get scammed by sales reps with all this readily available information.